Restore Pellets


Electrolytes are the unsung heroes within your horse's body, playing a pivotal role in maintaining fluid balance, muscle function, and overall cellular harmony. When your horse engages in strenuous activities, such as intense workouts, competitions, or extended periods of travel, their electrolyte reserves can become depleted, potentially leading to fatigue, dehydration, and decreased performance.

Restore Pellets provide a strategic and convenient means of replenishing these critical electrolytes, ensuring your horse remains at the pinnacle of health, energy, and peak performance. Even the most selective eaters are enticed by the irresistible flavor of our pellets, making it a breeze to support your horse's electrolyte intake without any fuss.


Loved by thousands of horses and their people.

Formula 707 is the trusted choice of thousands of horse owners globally. From various disciplines and all ages, our community values the special connection that horses and humans have. We prioritize the health and happiness of your horse by formulating our supplements in collaboration with experienced veterinarians. Produced in our equine-exclusive facility, our products are tested for purity and potency. With Formula 707, you're choosing proven quality for your equine partner.

A Name That's Been Trusted for Over 75 Years

When a man named John Ewing started an equine supplement called "Formula 707" in the mid-20th century, there wasn't much consideration for the benefits of feed supplements in horses.

Today, we continue his legacy with a full line of innovative products to support every horse.

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